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Updated July 1'st, 2003

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This is the official site of Kharis, a character who lumbered through four classic Universal horror films in the forties and found a place in the hearts of countless fans. Today, he sleeps almost forgotten in the shadow of the Frankenstein monster, Dracula, and the Wolf Man. But in spite of falling into virtual obscurity, Kharis never really died! Tana leaves bubble again in the sacred brazier, and a new High Priest of Karnak prepares to give life and movement to Kharis! Listen! Jackals howl about the tombs of the Pharaohs, and the full moon bathes the Nile with mystic light. Join us under the stars of Egypt as we explore The Hill of the Seven Jackals!

Check It Out!
See pictures of my personal encounter with Kharis at the Monster Bash
website! I unintentionally offended the Bandaged One by getting too
friendly with the most recent reincarnation of the lovely
princess Ananka! Click here to see what happened!

New!!! Added June 4, 2003!
Unwrapping the Mummy!
See how the Kharis films reflected the fears
and anxieties of war-torn America in the 1940's.

" still alive!"  by William Max Miller
Size: 3.76" X 4.78"  (including gray matte)
Price: $12.50 framed, plus shipping
Click here for ordering information.


The Karnak Archives!
The High Priest of Karnak has pulled out all the stops
and is bringing you all the mummy photos in his entire
collection. There are thirty new photos for you to enjoy
in these online filmbooks!

The Mummy's Hand
  The Mummy's Tomb

The Mummy's Ghost

The Mummy's Curse

Most of the photos are only briefly captioned, but we
are working on film synopses and observations which
will be added as they are completed. 

Kharis Magazine Covers!
Over the years, Kharis has been an occasional cover mummy for
horror magazines. See some of these cover portraits here!

The Legend of Kharis!
Read the tale of the tana leaves!

The High Priests of Karnak!
Behind every good mummy is a man in a fez!

The High Priest's Medallion!
Where is it today?

Mummy's Girls!
Meet the women in the mummy's life!

Victims of Kharis!
Who Was Who on the mummy's Hit List!

The Changing Face of Kharis!
See the mummy's face change from film to film!

Mummy Memories!
Read about the night I brewed tana fluid!

See the Original Aurora Mummy Model!
This is the one we all built as kids!

  Meet The Mummy's Ancestors!
See the mummies Jack Pierce used as models for the Kharis makeup!

Mummy Artwork!
See the latest computer-generated portrait of Kharis!

Now you can buy your own fez!
Click the fez for ordering details from
the Art & Artifact company!

Yes! The headgear of the High Priests of Karnak,
once only available to Shriners, can now be yours.

New!!! Added 4/13/03!!!
Mummy Fans, Don't Miss These!
The mummy sub-genre has been around far longer than
the Kharis films, and these two eerie essays are examples
of the scary mummy tale at its best!

A Night With the Mummies!
Read Pierre Loti's macabre account of his nocturnal visit
to the Hall of Mummies in the Cairo Museum. It's like
being at the Kharis family reunion! This page has a really 
sinister sound track and a link to a creepy moving image 
of the mummy of Nestanebetashru. an Egyptian princess.
Believe me, she'll haunt your dreams....

Into the Mummy's Tomb!
Another eerie adventure with the intrepid Pierre Loti!
This time he descends into the darkened corridors and
shadowy chambers of Amenophis II's tomb & and gazes
upon the withered flesh of an ancient king 
& his three long-dead companions. 

And be sure to see over 50 real Egyptian mummies on my
Theban Royal Mummy Project!
Featured on The Discovery Channel's
website, Discovery Online! 

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This site is slowly being excavated, and other artifacts 
will eventually emerge from the sands of Egypt
for your delectation and delight!

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